Biomos : two families of devices

Developed from the very latest scientific discoveries and from the work of independent researchers, the Biomos products can be considered as “electrotherapy”.


It comprises two big families :

  • The first one refers to well-being devices in which enclosed programs produce significant benefits and improvements in the quality of life. Provided the recommended precautions are followed, these devices have no adverse effects on your health. The best evidence of their effectiveness, and our greatest reward, come from the dozens of testimonials of our clients.

  • The second family deals with devices for medical use the concept of which is currently undergoing rigorous examination subject to precise protocols. Essentially specific frequencies are being identified for a range of pathologies.

Biomos : technological innovation

All Biomos devices are marked out by major patented innovations:


  • Physiological optimization with emission of a serie of impulse waves based on cardiac pulse measurements and following the calculation of skin resistance;

  • A totally novel device, also patented, which generates a magnetic field capable of stimulating natural brain waves;


  • Use of very low specific frequencies.

Biomos : technical features

Should you wish to receive technical and scientific documentation on the use of micro-currents with our technology (in English), please contact us via our "contact" section. We shall send it to you by return of post.