Some history…

For over a century now science has known the benefits of micro-currents to stimulate the human body. For instance, they are very efficient in speeding up wound healing and in strengthening the natural defenses.


Recent studies also show that micro-currents can reinforce some bodily functions that have been weakened by our lifestyle.


In fact, if you consider the body from a biological point of view, it is now scientifically proven that any living cell involves significant electrical activity. Measuring just a few micro-volts, this natural activity, both dynamic and very complex, is due to the fact that our body is mainly made out of saline water (over 70%).

What are micro-currents?

Micro-currents are currents of very weak intensity generally used to reproduce cellular electric currents.


Except for sometimes sensing a light tingling, we usually cannot feel them at all and they pose no danger to health. Because they are painless and without side effects, but also because they efficiently stimulate the body and its self-repair processes, they offer a soft, natural and efficient solution in helping your body strengthen its defenses and overcome physical or intellectual fatigue.


How does it work?

Today there are numerous machines using micro-currents for various functions. They are all based on the principle of “electrostimulation” which consists of receiving some micro-currents which stimulate nervous fibers or muscles through electrodes placed on precise bodily spots.


On the other hand these micro-currents are chosen from a range of precise frequencies to meet the specific needs of the user. They are based on the scientific literature and numerous researches on the subject.


For more information we invite you to look out for the well documented book “The revolution of the healing waves” (to be published soon).


Technical and scientific documentation

Should you wish to receive some technical and scientific documentation on the use of micro-currents with our technology (in English), please contact us via our "contact" section. We shall send it to you by return of post.