Véronique... GAT... (secretary) – Toulouse area

In June 2007 I was diagnosed with MS (multiple sclerosis) which has been getting worse for the last 3 years now. Since I’ve been using Vital Harmony I noticed that I was less tired. In the beginning I used it twice a day, but because of some change in my schedule I could only use it once a day. Very quickly I noticed the difference: my tiredness was coming back much more often. I then managed to go back to 2 sessions a day, which enables me to live the best I can with my sickness.


I also would like to add that since I’ve been using that device I have no more stomach cramps, nor any of the minor inconveniencies such as a recurrent sore throat. When I consider the well-being that Vital Harmony brings to me, I can easily imagine all the benefits it must also bring to people who do not have a condition as severe as mine.


Yours sincerely




Martine F... G... (senior executive) - Paris

For the last 3 months, before going to work, I’ve been using Vital Harmony every single day. After about 10 minutes, I feel the energy changing inside me. It is lighter and it moves more freely. Normally after a session I feel a little wave of tiredness for a few minutes, just as if things had to get back into place. And when I look back at that period, I notice that I’m much more resilient than before. I also do a session every time I feel the onset of a cold, discomfort, fever, backache, or headache.


After one week-end of skiing, within a day, my son cured himself of aching muscles, fever and heat exhaustion. It was spectacular !


Michel SPAS... (Engineer) - Toulouse

I have been using Vital Harmony for a few months and I am very happy about the results on myself and on the friends I have lent it to. I noticed how efficient it is for the treatment of colds and flues, with 3 sessions of 7 minutes done on the first day of the signal symptoms. I have not been ill and all flu symptoms have disappeared immediately. I have also used Vital Harmony for gut problems (probably due to food intoxication) which have disappeared after the 1st session.


The friends I lent it to were very pleased about it, especially for migraines which also went away after the first session.


Laurence BUR... (Naturopath) - Somme

I was able to test the benefits of Vital Harmony on several occasions: my weak spot is my bronchi, so when coughing bouts begin, they normally last for 2 to 3 weeks! If I use Vital Harmony twice a day the cough goes away after one week. Moreover I was able to stop the onset of a cold in just 2 to 3 days by doing a session of 20 minutes mornings and evenings. When my 9 year old son starts coughing, just 2 sessions of 15 minutes each are enough to get rid of his cough for good.




Thibault F... (Student) - Toulouse

I discovered Vital Harmony last Winter, thanks to my parents. Being particularly prone to sinus problems, chronic colds and above all gastro-enteritis, I said to myself that it doesn’t cost anything to try that machine! And I must say that for the first time in many years I have not caught any of that rubbish! I disciplined myself to using Vital Harmony every day for 7 minutes. Sometimes I did 21 minute sessions when I felt weak or tired, and the result was spectacular!

I don’t know how it works but it just works! And I plan using it again next winter. I recommend it to all my buddies.



Laurence BES... (Engineer) – Paris area

I recently bought Vital Harmony. My son Mathieu used it for the following symptoms: fever, headaches, heavy fatigue & persistent nasal discharge.


He followed the “parasite cleansing” procedure with the proper intervals (3 times 7 minutes) because he had to blow his nose between sessions!


The next morning, all symptoms had disappeared. Mathieu was in good shape! Knowing my son, I have to admit to being surprised by such effectiveness, so much so that even when being attached to the electrodes, he didn’t feel a thing! Bravo. 




Sophie EME... KOH... (Therapist) – Toulouse area

I have been using Vital Harmony since last Winter for my family and myself. At the onset of the first flu symptoms and especially gastric problems, we have used it without any moderation. It is really spectacular to see all these symptoms go in just one day, whereas all previous years I would spend hours with my 2 children at the doctor’s to try and fight these season nuisance.


Normally when all goes well, my children, husband and I do a 7 mn session every day. The machine is very easy to use: roughly speaking you switch it on, you hold the handles and that’s it! Personally I often sense a light tingling in my hands and a fresh current along my spine. After each session we all feel different and are in great shape.



Reine VAS... (Retired) - Val d'Oise

I went 9 times to the dentist to treat an abscess on a very tough tooth. After each session I had persistent aches on that tooth, which totally disappeared with a 20 minute session of BIOMOS upon arrival at home and a few more after that.


I did several treatments every day without taking any drugs (analgesic or antibiotic) that my dentist highly recommended. Now I’ve got no more pain and my tooth is fine.


Since then I regularly use Biomos to maintain my physical health and it works really well even if I must admit that in the beginning I was very skeptical about its efficiency!



Fayrouz S. - Mons

Since I bought Vital Harmony I’ve used it on several occasions. Each time I felt my throat starting being irritated, a cold coming up or other small problems related to Winter or to Spring seasons ... I did a few 21 mn sessions, at least 3 per day, for 1 or 2 days only. And each time the symptoms went away and I didn’t need to use another medication.


I also used Vital Harmony for tummy aches due to my menstruation period. The pain slowly went down even if not as vividly as with direct medication.


Now it’s become a habit: as soon as I feel the first symptoms, I do one or two sessions of 21 mn and each time the result is very conclusive.