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Get rid of migraines and other headaches

Migraine affects nearly 10 million people in France and about 300 million worldwide. In 75% ot fhe cases women between 25 and 55 years of age are the ones who suffer the most from migraine (Sources : BVA survey carried out for the Migraine Club). These alarming figures do not include other headaches which are less severe but are still debilitating.


Despite all the research and all the expounded theories, establishing the causes of migraine remains elusive. From neck muscle tension, dental problems, excessive consumption of anagesic medicine (to relieve pain), malfunctionig of the nervous system to much disputed genetic causes, the list of triggering factors is extremely long.

With VITAL HARMONY you will appreciate being quickly rid of your headaches. And even better: to your great relief, you will find that they subside as time goes by.


Overcome insomnia

Every year, 30 to 50% of the world population experience occasional sleep problems. In France one out of three people suffer from poor sleep, with 15 to 20% suffering from chronic insomnia. The situation is all the more worrying as the incidence of this type of insomnia has been constantly rising for the last 20 years, and that we in France are champion consumers of sleeping tablets…


Although there is no precise definition of insomnia, as there is no definition of “normal” sleep, it can be described as a temporary or chronic problem in getting to sleep or staying asleep. The direct consequences are not only fatigue and drowsiness, but also irritability, difficulty in concentrating and sometimes even impaired memory.


As often is the case, the causes of insomnia are numerous, with not only physical and environmental factors involved (such as noise and light pollution or lifestyle factors), but also psychological factors, which probably have the greatest impact on the quality of our sleep.


With VITAL HARMONY the action of the specific program combined with the emission of a natural magnetic field, will rapidly create a state of relaxation, conducive to a sound and restorative sleep.



Eliminate stress

Stress ... a grim reality with well known consequences. The high incidence of stress reveals the size of this phenomenon which intrudes in both our public and private life: nearly 80% of those surveyed admit to being stressed. This is especially true for women who often have to manage more than one life. They find themselves juggling the stresses of their work life with demands of family life (family crises, divorce, retirement, loss of a loved one…..).


Thousands of people are silently suffering with the constant discomfort that stress brings, which often manifests itself in either psychological disorders (anxiety, nervous twitch, depression...), digestive disorder (nausea, vomiting, ulcers...), cardio-vascular disorder (palpitations, hypertension...), or emotional and behavioral disorders (mood swings, irritability, angry outbursts...).


Transient stress can trigger an appropriate adaptive response. However if that stress is prolonged or becomes chronic, it can give rise to a series of physical or psychological problems that gradually undermine our ability to function. We find it increasingly difficult to meet the demands of everyday life.


After just a few sessions of VITAL HARMONY you will feel more relaxed and regain an inner peace which will enable you not only to eliminate your stress but to recover your energy and enthusiasm.



Relieve various aches and pains

More than half the population complains of chronic aches and pains that make their life miserable... Backache, muscle fatigue, rheumatism, painful joints: it would take too long to list all the aches and pains which dog peoples’ lives on a daily basis. Even though some would not be considered a major handicap, with constant pain, even the most resilient person will become worn down and disheartened!


It’s difficult to ‘measure’ pain. Pain is subjective and everyone’s experience of pain is different. But one thing is universal - pain is always a negative experience. The origin of pain may be obvious, or it may indicate some underlying dysfunction which should then be seen as an early warning signal from the body.

Whether your pain is chronic or acute, VITAL HARMONY, through its analgesic action, will give you quick and long lasting relief from your aches and pains


Reinforce Natural Defenses

Colds, Flu, gastric problems, infections: all those troublesome ailments that can plague your everyday life. Every year, millions of people succumb to the symptoms of seasonal epidemics. From the common cold to conditions with high temperature, aches and pains and fatigue, symptoms vary but they all get in the way of life.


Do you know that given the right environment, bacteria and viruses can multiply at a tremendous speed, doubling in population every 20 minutes? Whilst most of those micro-organisms are harmless, and even sometimes useful for the body, some of them can severely affect you and confine you to bed for days.

As a preventative measure, or as an intensive treatment, with VITAL HARMONY and its program to strengthen your natural defenses, you can efficiently and naturally purge most of the parasites which will no longer drain your vitality.